Police found not guilty after killing Muslim with schizophrenia in Canada

Joseph Martino, Director of the Toronto Security Special Investigation Unit (SIU), said in the incident that took place on June 20, 2020, they concluded that the police, who shot two bullets in the chest of Choudry in crisis, were acting reasonably by opening fire.

Martino said the police in charge were worried that Choudry, a schizophrenic patient, would harm him.

Cops who came home shot to death

The police, who came home after his family called the non-emergency helpline due to the crisis, warned Ejaz Choudry, the father of four children, 62, who does not speak English, to let go of the knife.

Although members of his family said he did not speak English, one of the policemen, who continued to shout and point a gun, shot Choudry twice at his home.

Family: We are deeply disappointed

Making a written statement upon the conclusion of the investigation, the Choudry family stated that “they were deeply disappointed but not surprised at the decision”.

Pointing out that the police, whom they were looking for for Choudry’s safety, killed him a few seconds after entering the flat, the family said, “Ejaz has committed no crime. He deserved none of them.”

NCCM: We will not stop fighting

On the other hand, the written statement made by the National Council of Muslims of Canada (NCCM) stated that this disturbing decision is not surprising, “SIU almost never charged the police officers it investigated. The police forcefully entered the house of an elderly, weak man. He had health problems. ”

The statement included the following views:

“We are faced with a much bigger problem surrounded by a lack of sanctions and punishments, a failed review system, and a lack of police accountability. But we are aware that without accountability there can be no change and justice. The police responsible for the death of Uncle Ejaz should not go out on the street with a badge and a gun. We will not stop demanding and fighting. ”

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