US statement on Iran: our stance has not changed

White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki evaluated the agenda and answered journalists’ questions at the daily press conference at the White House.

A journalist asked whether Biden was disappointed by the prolonged process of returning to the nuclear deal, reminding that the meetings in Vienna to discuss the Iran nuclear agreement and the US return to this agreement will begin tomorrow.

“Diplomacy will continue to be our priority”

Emphasizing that diplomacy requires time, Psaki replied, “I cannot predict how long the process of returning to this agreement will take or what awaits us. For now, there will be indirect negotiations with the European alliance and diplomacy will continue to be our priority.”

“The steps of the USA on sanctions can be discussed”

When asked whether Biden will make a policy change to lift the sanctions on Iran, Psaki said, “Biden’s stance on how or how we should approach negotiations with Iran has not changed. The necessary steps will be discussed. From now on, the steps of the USA regarding sanctions can be discussed. We are at the very beginning of the talks right now.

Biden needs time to withdraw from Afghanistan

Psaki, when asked whether the withdrawal from Afghanistan will be completed by May 1, given for the complete withdrawal of American troops, said, “As Biden said before, the full withdrawal until May 1 seems difficult due to the logistics situation in the region.”

Emphasizing that they want to make the best decision about withdrawal from Afghanistan and they are meeting with their allies in the region, Psaki said, “Biden needs time to make a decision.”

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