“At least 40 people died in tribal conflicts in Sudan’s West Darfur state”

The United Nations (UN) announced that all humanitarian aid activities were temporarily suspended as the roads in the southern part of Cineyne were closed.

The West Darfur Doctors Committee stated that an ambulance carrying the injured was attacked and 3 healthcare workers were injured.

Western Darfur Governor Mohammed Abdullah Ed-Duma called on the public to be cautious and stay in their homes until the security forces took control of the situation.

Tribal conflicts in Sudan remain one of the major obstacles to the transition government’s efforts to achieve comprehensive peace in the country, which was established after the military coup in April 2019.

The peace agreement between the Transitional Government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front, which includes many armed opposition groups, was signed on October 3, 2020 in Cuba, the capital of South Sudan.

According to UN figures, in the clashes between government forces and armed movements that started in the Darfur region in western Sudan in 2003, 3 million people lost their homes and more than 300 thousand people died.

After 163 people were killed and 217 people were injured in the clashes that broke out in January in the state, an agreement was signed between the tribes on February 13.

The government started to send a joint military force to the region where the United Nations (UN) African Union Darfur Joint Peacekeeping Force (UNAMID) has served for 13 years and withdrew at the beginning of the year, but the problem does not seem to be resolved in the short term.

Hundreds of people die and thousands of people are displaced every year due to tribal conflicts in Darfur region, which consists of 5 states in the west of the country.

Occasionally, conflicts arise between tribes in the region where individual armament is common, for reasons such as land, pastures and water resources disputes.

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